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Only me & 45 year old men wearing docker shorts tuck in soccer jerseys.

a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

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deepest shit

unbelievably powerful imagery 

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The Accused, 1988 (dir. Jonathan Kaplan)

Painful proof that we have progressed so little in 25 years.

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and now you see the purpose of this blog

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I love holidays that allow me to dress ridiculous.

Not sure how but sounds like I got hacked. Sorry about that folks. Let me fix that now.

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Did you mean to send me that Garcinia diet page? It kind of looked like you did but at the same time when I went to the page it was like an ad for gardenia???
backtosize backtosize Said:

I got hacked apparently.

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I know you don’t like to talk, but you gotta do it for her.

This arc took a total of three scenes in the season (four if you count the scene where she’s not in the visiting room) and it still carried more weight than everything Larry’s dealt with the entire series.

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birth control pills: 

  • can treat cysts, endometriosis, pcos, and other potentially life-threatening conditions
  • can lessen severe symptoms of menstruation
  • can treat hormonal imbalances that result in severe acne and other side effects
  • can prevent pregnancy from ever occurring

erectile dysfunction drugs:

  • give you an erection

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'I think about your thighs,' he wrote in the second letter, 'and the warm, moist smell of your skin in the morning, and the tiny eyelash in each corner of your eye that I always notice when you first roll over to look at me. I don’t know why you are better and more beautiful than anybody else. I don’t know why your body is something I can’t stop thinking about, why those little flaws and ridges on your back are lovely to me or why the pale soft bottoms of your New Jersey feet that always wore shoes are more poignant than any other feet, but they are. I thought I would have more time to chart your body, to map its poles, its contours and terrains, its inner regions, both temperate and torrid - a whole topography of skin and muscle and bone. I didn’t tell you, but I imagined a lifetime as your cartographer, years of exploration and discovery that would keep changing the look of my map. It would always need to be redrawn and reconfigured to keep up with you. I’m sure I’ve missed things, Bill, or forgotten them, because half the time I’ve been wandering around your body blind drunk with happiness. There are still places I haven’t seen.'
Siri Hustvedt, What I Loved (via feellng)

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